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Sani-Matic Clean-In-Place CIP Systems

Sani-Matic Clean-In-Place CIP Systems


Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems are automated systems used to clean the interior surfaces of food process pipes, vessels, tanks, equipment and associated fittings, without disassembling the process. Thorough, repeatable in-place cleaning is critical to the quality of your product, the safety of consumers—and your bottom line.

Sani-Matic CIP Systems are engineered to your specific plant application, layout and utility requirements for effective and efficient sanitary process equipment cleaning.

  • Applications: Vessels, Transfer Lines, Fillers, Mixers, Blenders, Dryers, Vats, Ovens, Freezers
  • Industries: Dairy, Beverage, Brewery, Bakery, Confectionery, Distilleries, Meat & Poultry, Snack, Foods, Sauces

With years of application experience in the Food, Beverage, and Bio-Pharmaceutical industries, Sani-Matic veterans will evaluate your process needs first, then consult with you on the appropriate style and sizing to ensure efficient and dependable results. Our wide variety of strainers are sanitary in design, constructed from durable stainless steel, and are easy to disassemble and clean, which allows quick inspection and service of the process line.

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